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Murals made by the Klamra Foundation. 2014 - year of Irena Sendlerowa

Murals made by the Klamra Foundation. 2014 - year of Irena Sendlerowa

Klamra Foundation has completed the 2014 National Year initiative of creating 16 murals commemorating the figure of Irena Sendler.
The project was mostly financied by means of an open founding. The sum collected was in total 2292.00 zł.: it was used to cover the travel expences, costs of materials and of their transport. Murals were painted in scuh cities as Opole, Nowy Targ and Gniezno.

Activities and projects of Klamra Foundation support and cope with a wide range of problems connected with human rights, grassroots
initiatives, natural environment.

Klamra Foundation was officially launched in 2010 by Karina and Dariusz Paczkowscy nad Piotr Cykowski.

In Polish the word 'klamra' means 'clip' or 'buckle'. The reason of such a name is simple: the main goal of the Foundation is to connect various ideas and initiatives focused basically on ecology, human and animal rights, anti-discrimination and minorities issues, local initiatives, children issues, fight with extremism, etc.

Activists gathered around the Foundation are bound with polish NGO from the 80-ies.
Klamra Foundation is member of The Anti-discrimination Education Association (TEA).
Main benefactors and partners of Klamra Foundation are: Stefan Batory Foundation, Fund for Non-governmental Organizations, Warsaw, Żywiec