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Scrawl Busters

Scrawl Busters

They're covering hate speech with "paint of silence". For many years, Polish cities had been devastating by scrawls, with vulgar messages or drawings and statements of hate. Pogromcy Bazgrołów (Scrawl Busters) are facing the urban vandals called "obszczymurki" (someone who urinates on the walls with sprays), barbarians who leave daubs, swastikas, racist and anti-semitic graffiti on the facades of the houses of Krakow.

Pogromcy Bazgrołów (Scrawl Busters) is an informal coalition of people of good will: neighbors, artists, and officials and employees of municipal institutions. Their main goal is to reduce the dangerous and harmful phenomenon of the devastation of public space by urban vandals. They want to achieve this goal by establishing a "social fashion" for responsibility for the appearance of our nearest neighborhood. The most important part of this project is arranging neighborhood picnics during which neighbors paint over the walls of buildings destroyed by vandals.

Pogromcy Bazgrołów (Scrawl Busters) invite volunteers, youth organizations, housing associations, property managers, schools etc. to cooperate. Artists and students of the art faculty are also participating in the creation of murals.

The coalition also organizes public "paint-raisers" companies. Collected paints are used as "bandages" for the elevations "wounded" by spray. Pogromcy Bazgrołów strives for legislative changes in the law enforcement and punishment of perpetrators of urban vandalism. For this reason they invited Polish politicians to build alliances to complement and consolidate the provisions of the law, which will allow for a more effective fight with the phenomenon of urban devastation.

Their actions and events are observed and supported by local and national media as well.

Pogromcy Bazgrołów received a statuette in the category of "Patriotycznie zakręceni" (Crazy in patriotism) from the group Polskapress.
Pogromcy Bazgrołów enjoys a growing interest in their events and a huge support of the community of Kraków.